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Pineapple Vintage Pink Kids

Pineapple Vintage Pink Kids

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The perfect vintage shade of pink with our hand printed mini pineapple in turquoise is the perfect go-to for Easter or the coming spring & summer ahead.

Long known as the symbol of hospitality, the first pineapple is said to have arrived to the islands in the early 1500's.  Originating from South America (Brazil &/or Paraguay) centuries ago, pineapples first made their way on trading ships headed for the Caribbean, Australia, China and Europe... It's thought that the first pineapple was brought to the Big Island on a European ship in 1527. Fated to become a lasting icon of the islands and an industry that would both rise and fall, the pineapple has long since remained a symbol of the plantation era of Hawaii, as well as one of hospitality and aloha.

    • 100% mid-weight cotton
    • Perfectly matched up chest pocket
    • Real coconut buttons
    • Original print by Roberta Oaks
    • Vintage Pink with a Turquoise print
    • Hand printed, cut and sewn in Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Machine wash cold and hang to dry. Or, dry clean it. This shirt is printed the traditional way, by hand!  Wash with care and iron from the inside only.
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