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I discovered this incense on my first trip to Japan back in 2010.  I had been to hike and camp in Japan Alps National Park.  The forest there smelled like nothing I had ever experienced. Woodsy, but not musky.  A hint of sweetness, but not floral. Fresh, but still earthy. This forest houses many very old Aloeswood trees.  At the time, I didn't know that was the scent I was inhaling. A week or so later, I found myself at a busy temple in Asakasa.  I walked into the incense shop and randomly picked up a box of Aloeswood....  Low and behold, it was the scent of that forest. I bought one box and cherished each stick, counting backwards until I had only three sticks left.  I already had the shop at this time, so it was a no brainer to secure my lifeline to this sacred stuff and sell it in the shop.

I am proud to say, I have created many Aloeswood addicts over the last decade.  My other favorites are the Rose, it's AMAZING if you like rose!  It's pure and fresh, not heavy and perfumes. And for Jasmine fans, you will be impressed. I also love the Mikan Orange. It's fresh and citrusy... my favorite for the kitchen or to burn while cleaning.

Honestly though, you cannot go wrong with any.  To each their own, this whole line is the best of the best...  no synthetic fragrances, this stuff is made with pure resins.