Collection: PENNANTS

"Fred was my Grandpa who grew up in Honolulu in the 40’s. Attending Roosevelt High School he would check the surf from Punchbowl and decide if he would go surf or go to school that day. Later in life he would join the Army and fly P53 Mustangs in WW2. After the war, he settled in Long Beach, California and became a detective for the LBPD. An amazing man who inspired my love of Hawaii and encouraged me to move to the islands for my college days at UH from 2003 - 2007, after which I moved back to LA and then on to New York for a total of 13 years. Upon my recent return to the islands, I started Fred Brand as an tribute to my Grandpa, to that generation and to a simpler time when quality handmade souvenirs were the ways that tourists shared the spirit of the islands and Aloha with family and friends back home."

Words of Paul Strouse, founder of Fred Brand.

Pennants can be hung vertical, horizontal or diagonal. They are an old fashioned souvenir, a symbol of nostalgia and a memory of a place far away.