About RO

A men's + women's brand and lifestyle boutique by Roberta Oaks.  Here you will find sharp fitting modern Aloha shirts, colorful day dresses, and hard to find Hawaiian and American made accessory, body, home, and lifestyle goods.

A Missouri native and country-girl at heart, Oaks' artistic roots date to her farmhouse childhood and hippie parents. Inspired by her simple retro lifestyle, her vintage car, mid-century modern design and architecture, and a deep appreciation for traveling and culture, the Roberta Oaks brand recalls the fabulous 60's in vibe, but with an up-to-date, modern fit and aesthetic. Fun print and color combos are shaped into clean lined, modern silhouettes.

The brand was born in 2004 and expanded to include menswear and a storefront in 2009. RO is credited as the brand that made Aloha shirts fashionable again.

The majority of Roberta Oaks prints are designed in house and are printed by hand, cut and sewn locally in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Collector's items to many, Roberta Oaks is the go to of hip and fashionable locals of all ages and for visitors to the islands looking for an authentic, locally made Aloha shirt.