Collection: JOYA

Established in 2006 by Frederick Bouchardy as both a fragrance brand and design studio, Joya operates in a 19th Century Brooklyn rigging garage turned scented atelier. The company’s industrial space—and handmade products—pay homage to America’s explorers, entrepreneurs, artists and philosophers.
Composition No. 1, Composition No. 6, distill and capture not only plant and flower essences but also the moods and melodies of the forgotten and impossible. Joya’s perfumes dwell in the in-between and on the edge, inspired by the energy and emotion of New York and its long line of restless searchers.
The best brand for a yin & yang, masculine vs. feminine.  I LOVE blending these together, they really do form a perfect harmony.  On their own, the No. 1 is botanical blend and the No. 6 the seductive masculine.