Collection: LOLA PILAR

Like every good piece of art, these prints beg you to get closer... At a glance, you might think they were made with some fancy mirroring app, but nope, these are laid out petal by petal, leaf by leaf, and  with Hawaiian Quilt designs in mind, how unique is that? My first Lola Pilar purchase was Hawaiian Rodeo.  Both bold and feminine, I was instantly drawn to it  and find interesting pull in each of these creations.

Kristen Reyno of Lola Pilar Hawai'i grew up on O'ahu surfing, hiking, and enjoying the life that living on an island paradise provides.  Her love for Hawai'i's local flora and fauna, coupled with her training in product photography, is what planted the seed for this fine art series.  Kristen wanted to honor Hawai'i's heritage, but in a contemporary way.  So she took inspiration from vintage Hawaiian quilts and her love of flowers, and started photographing them.