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Mermaid Essential Oil Body Spray

Mermaid Essential Oil Body Spray

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For those of us who find our peace in the rhythm of the rising tide, our solace in an endless horizon, and our beings torn between life on two feet and life below the surface.  Escape to her shores & dream.

Properties: fresh, soothing, soft, seductive, purifying, calming.

To Use: Five sprays to start the day.  Mist the back of your neck, your face, hair, car, linens, yoga mat or enjoy as a room spray.  These are all natural, non-toxic and are a great alternative to alcohol based perfumes.  They are multi-use and I love keeping one in my purse, my car and my beach bag for a refreshing and intoxicating mist.

Contains: pure essential oils of lavender, balsam, wild chamomile, geranium, patchouli, distilled water and the spirit of the sea.

All Natural.  Made in Hawaii.  "Live an Intoxicating Life!"



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