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Kupaloke Tuberose Mist

Kupaloke Tuberose Mist

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Your new favorite Body & Room Mist - that also hydrates your skin.

If you've ever smelled a Tuberose flower, you know how beautiful it is. Concocted to evoke the idyllic scent of the Hawai'i Tuberose (Kupaloke), this fragrance will transport you to the forests of Hawai'i and gift you with a light, freshening layer, all at once. 

Rich and unctuous, this is the heaviest of the white floral fragrances. Reminiscent of jasmine, gardenia, and orange blossom, this scent smells like a bouquet of many flowers, all sweetened by a honeyed aroma. Absolutely beautiful and one of our most popular floral scents.

These mists are meant to provide a light scent for the wearer.  They are not as heavy as perfume and are meant to last only a couple of hours. To help enhance and prolong the fragrance, use it in combination with the lotion or roller perfume, as moisturized skin helps fragrance stay longer.  

Also can be used as a linen spray. Simply spray fragrance on laundry prior to drying, or directly on sheets for a beautiful refreshing fragrance.


Hawaiian distilled water, organic witch-hazel, vegetable glycerin, fine fragrance oils, polysorbate 20

100% Natural, Clean, Vegan, and Cruelty-Free Ingredients.Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Packaging.

3.4 oz.

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