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Hawaiian Record Co.

Hawaiian Record Co.

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Hawaiian Record Company is out now and each shirt comes with an authentic vintage 78 record from either the the 49th State Record Co. or Bell Records, both of which are represented on this super awesome, small batch shirt made from beautiful vintage dead stock rayon fabric!

Accompanying records will be chosen at random for all online orders. If you'd like to choose your own record in store, you know where to find us!

    • Modern fit.
    • Faded mauve-blush rayon background with mustard, burnt orange and black
    • Real coconut buttons.
    • Perfectly matched up chest pocket.
    • Clean finish French Seams.
    • Authentic vintage fabric of 100% rayon
    • Cut and sewn in Honolulu, Hawaii.
    • Vintage textiles should be handled and laundered with care. Wash and dry at your own risk.

    Refer to our size chart here if you are unsure of your sizing, as all sales are final.


    "The 49th State Hawaii Record Company was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii by record store owner George K. Ching in 1948. The label was named in anticipation of Hawaii's eventual attainment of statehood, though Alaska gained statehood eight months before Hawaii, making Hawaii the 50th state. Ching founded the label to answer the growing demand for traditional Hawaiian music in his record store, with the first 49th State recordings released as 78 rpm records made using an acetate record cutting machine in a makeshift studio in Ching's own home. Later, production moved to initial recording on tape before later being pressed in vinyl. To guarantee authenticity in recorded performances, Ching collaborated with Hawaiian composer and musician Johnny Almeida, known as the "Dean of Hawaiian Music". Almeida served as the label's music director. 49th State served as a successor to Bell Records Honolulu, which released Hawaiian music between 1944 and 1950. By 1950, the headquarters for the label had moved from Ching's home to 1121 Bethel St, Honolulu. The company, which has been described as "the first, top, most significant, authentic label of Hawaii",was defunct by 1958."


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