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Hawaiian Voyage Slim

Hawaiian Voyage Slim

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Hawaiian Voyage is a tribute to the wa'a kaulua, a Polynesian
double-hulled voyaging canoe.  Traditionally constructed from
wood, these canoes were the vehicle of choice for Hawaiians to
navigate over 16 million square miles in the Pacific.  A modern
version, the Hokule'a, now continues the voyaging in the present
day.  Hawaiians were highly skilled long-distance navigators and
seamen, using celestial navigation and knowledge of wind and
weather patterns to accomplish purposeful exploration.  
Navigators were thus regarded as scientists and held a high
ranking in the Hawaiian caste system.

  • Product Details

    • 100% woven polyester
    • Designed in Hawaii
    • Includes palaka tipping and keeper
    • 2 1/4" x 60"
    • Burgundy, white and black


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