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Aloha Essential Oil Body Spray

Aloha Essential Oil Body Spray

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Aloha means more than hello or goodbye, it's also a way of being, an attitude and a way to share our soul energy. Aloha is a state of mind and a warm and loving way to live in harmony with eachother and nature.

Properties: fresh floral notes, tropical, sweet and sensual.

To Use: Five sprays to start the day.  Mist the back of your neck, your face, hair, car, linens, yoga mat or enjoy as a room spray.  These are all natural, non-toxic and are a great alternative to alcohol based perfumes.  They are multi-use and I love keeping one in my purse, my car and my beach bag for a refreshing and intoxicating mist.

Contains: pure essential oils of jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, balsam and sandalwood.

All Natural.  Made in Hawaii.  "Live an Intoxicating Life!"



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