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The absolute best in products for bath and body. Here are my thoughts on each brand we carry and why I love them...

RO Body Sprays:  our own blends of all natural, essential oil based body sprays.  These are a great alternative to alcohol based perfumes, are non-toxic and are my favorite way to refresh.  Try a few sprays on the back of your neck, your face and in your hair for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Healing Bath Salts:  our own creations composed of the highest quality healing salts + essential oils.  They are powerful, are made in house and make great gifts for yourself or someone special.

Barr-Co.: wonderful hand creams that are 98% natural and made small-batch in my home state of Missouri.  This St. Louis based company nails it, these are our faves and they come in two sizes so you can toss one in your bag and keep the other on your nightstand.

Hi Wildflower: my current obsession in roll-on perfume oils and candles and her nail polishes have passed the test of being both vibrant and long lasting.  My first go-to oil was the Ancients.  It's earthy without being musty or overpowering and blends great with a floral, if you like to mix it up sometimes.  I also love the Hanalei for the floral-spice combo.  The Sandalo, made with Hawaiian Sandalwood, has become a best-seller and the Namaka is always a winning choice if you are a fan of gardenia.

Joya: the best brand for a yin & yang, masculine vs. feminine.  I LOVE blending these together, they really do form a perfect harmony.  On their own, the No. 1 is botanical blend and the No. 6 the seductive masculine.  Men and women love these and there is a soap of each too, if you are in the mood for a lather.

Kai: The good ole' trusty for the Kai addicts out there.  The green label is the original scent Gardenia and the pink label being the Rose scent.  Choose the roll-on oil for the more natural approach or the spray for a potent dose.  Either way, the scents stick with you all day and you'll find that even the tiny roll-on lasts for months. You'll also love their spa quality lotion, which comes in both scents or snag a hand cream if you need a small gift (for yourself) ;-)