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Narcissus - 40 sticks

Narcissus - 40 sticks

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Green floral note of clear and velvety Narcissus.

These guys have been making incense since 1575 and they really do know what they are doing!

No synthetic fragrance crap here people, this is the real stuff made with the highest quality resins.  This really is the "World's Best Incense".

When the incense is lit, it's smoke and aroma wafts through out the space and brings a felling of relief and relaxation. Each beautiful incense box contains 40 sticks and a mini ceramic holder.  You can place the holder into a small bowl or dish, or you might want to check out our incense plate offerings.

Each stick burns for about 25 minutes.  Sometimes I'll carefully break in half and burn half a stick too.

  • Green and velvety Narcissus
  • No bamboo core, clean burning, pure scent
  • Box includes 40 sticks and a mini ceramic holder
  • Clean and seamless packaging.  Real wooden box, makes a great gift.
  • For meditation, relaxation, stress reduction, massaging, reading, yoga, bathing
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