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Title: ' Wavelength '

The shape of a wave is all dependent on the ocean floor, swell and wind conditions. There's something very soothing about watching surf roll to shore. Kean hopes to convey that feeling here in 'Wavelength'.

  • Fine Art Giclee print
  • 11inch x 14inch  White Mat
  • Mats: Acid-Free, 4ply (1.4 mm or 1/16 inch)
  • Image Size: 11x14: 7.5inch x 9.5inch
  • Does not come with a frame
  • Printed and assembled in Hawaii
  • Designed by Steven Kean


‘The process of carving wood evokes emotions that are similar to those experienced when riding a wave. I enter a soothing, therapeutic, almost meditative state when driving a gouge through the block. The sensation of carving a smooth line is similar to the feeling of sliding on the surface of a wave. In each activity, I’m harnessing a certain energy. I seek to challenge myself in conveying this parallel to the viewer through the repetition of crisp line work and elegant mark making. It is an exploration into the dichotomy of stillness verses movement.’​

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