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Microfiber Beach towel

Soft and quick drying, these towels are perfect for lounging on the beach, by the pool or in the yard. Sand does not stick to them like it would on your average fiber-filled towel.  Our microfiber towels have also been known to be used over a yoga mat.  They are super absorbent and will help keep your mat dry as you get your zen on.  Functional art that can be enjoyed while you use it.  Towel measures 31"x71"

Four designs in the lineup:

'Ghost in the Machine' - This design depicts 'Backdoor' - a fabled surf break on the North Shore of Oahu.  A silhouette of a surfer is seen in the barrel of the wave enjoying the ride. A gradient of blues to yellow on the front / blue back.

'Three Peaks' - In this design, a wave is depicted in a somewhat abstract manner.  The crest of the wave is made up of three peaks, hence the title.  A gradient of blues with a highlight in the center / black back.

'Impact'- In this image, Kean incorporates a variety of carefully carved lines to depict contrast in the smooth surface of the wave and the breaking white water.

'Mauka' - Newest addition!  This design depicts a view from Ehukai Beach Park with a wave breaking in the foreground and Ka'ala Mt. in the background.  Palm trees line the ridges in the mountain.  Light blue gradient on the front / black back.

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