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Olomana Travel Print by Nick Kuchar

Olomana Travel Print by Nick Kuchar

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One of the jewels of East Oahu is Olomana, or three peaks.  Did you know technically the first peak is called Olomana? Peaks two and three are Paku'i and Ahiki, respectively.  This dangerous trek leads to beautiful 360 degree views of the windward side.



Print is sized at 12"x18" and are beautifully full color press printed on heavyweight smooth stock. Print is custom designed by artist Nick Kuchar.

 *due to a drastic increase in the price of lay flat kraft mailers and shipping costs for this product, we've had to raise our online price for all Nick Kuchar travel prints from $26 to $30. For all local shoppers, you can continue to purchase travel prints in our store for $26.  Mahalo for your understanding.


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