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Chili Pepper Letterpress Print

Chili Pepper Letterpress Print

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"Chile peppers were first found South America, and from a few initial species, were bred and rebred and grown in different climates until a wild range unfolded. 

I love using chile peppers, but was a little confused about the differences between them and how dangerously hot they might be.  

This chart describes many of the most commonly found and used hot peppers in the US, both dried and fresh. It includes: 

How to use them
The dishes they are best suited to
How they taste
How hot they are (their Scoville rating)
An extra fun fact about each one

Everyone knows a hot sauce aficionado who would love this hanging in their pantry. 

" -Archie

Information is more fun to read when it's beautiful. These charts and maps are designed with hours of research, reassembling data into a brain-friendly aesthetic. The information is edited significantly, avoiding the "dazzle" effect which occurs when our eyes are battered with too much information. Letterpress makes it even more gorgeous.

Letterpress is a very complicated and expensive printing method that I am obsessed with. All letterpress prints are slammed with 600 pounds of pressure, creating a deep, tactile texture. The ink gets embedded into the thick soft paper so it won't fade within your lifetime.


Your local frame shop is going to do a better job than anyone else. There's a reason this craft endures and cannot be automated: It's skilled work that is best done face-to-face in physical space.


8" x 8" Letterpress Print

Printed by hand in NY, NY.

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