Ways to help

I am without words and just don't even know where to begin. Paralyzed is the only feeling I can think of to describe the confusion over trying to figure out how my business can support the individuals, families and small businesses that are going through all of this trauma first hand.

I support the below organizations and encourage our customers and audience to consider giving to those who are in a time of crisis and trauma that is truely horrific and unimaginable.

Money can't fix any of this, but maybe it's the best way we can help those who have truly lost everything, including eachother.

xoxoxo -Roberta

Donate to these families directly

I'm sharing this google.doc that has been circulating locally and might be the best way to give directly to those in need. Read their stories and share what you can.

Make a donation & find out more HERE

Hawaii Community Foundation

Make a donation & find out more HERE