Our new shop is open! Come visit us on the corner of Nu'uanu & Pauahi, in Chinatown. We are open Wed thru Sat, 11 - 4. All sales remain final at this time. Mahalo nui loa for your continued support! xoxo Roberta
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culturally inspired / globally minded

Grown in Brooklyn from global + local influences - Bluma Project offers inspired jewelry and accessories that are created by hand around the world. Lively designs evolve out of an ongoing dialogue with skilled artisans in Guatemala, India and Columbia among others. Running with ancient techniques that have been passed through generations, Bluma creates fresh pieces with deep roots.

Using color, texture, and pattern as defining tools, Bluma designs refresh and refine the traditional to suit our modern senses. Solid geometric posts anchor a beaded fringe, or an intricately beaded, equally bright daisy gives insight to the global sensibility that Bluma project is known for.

Both in Brooklyn and with our artisans around the world, we cherish our authentic talent, and are so happy to create for you!

Beth Schaeffer
founder / designer