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Yarai Mixing Glass

Gone are the days of mixing sugary nightmares in an old fast food cup found in your friend's dorm room. You're better than that these days...smarter...classier. This seamless crystal mixing glass from Yarai of Japan will compliment your elevated taste and knowledge in mixing spirits. The checker pattern is not just for looks, it also serves as a grip to prevent dropping. The beaker spout will make pouring less clumsy. The extra thick glass keeps the drink colder and the wide heavy bottom prevents the glass from tipping over while the drink is being stirred. Cheers mate!

• For use with 30cm spoon and the Koriko® Hawthorne Strainer
• Seamless interior for quieter stirring
• Dishwasher safe
• 2-3 drink capacity
• 6.25in height x 3.5in diameter
Mixing glass, 30cm Copper Barspoon, Copper Julep Strainer and cube tray all sold separately.  

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