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Mr. Lentz Snap Wallet Black


"Sometimes a trip down the same ol’ dusty road leaves little to surprise you with, and that’s when you know exactly what you’ll need to carry in your wallet. That trip to the saloon? You might need a few cards and a wad of cash. Maybe you are just headed out for a ride, but you don’t need to bring the kitchen sink. Get what I’m sayin’? This leather wallet is for those such situations that don’t require much of you, or much of what you need to carry. You can count on comfort with this wallet as it slides easily into your front pocket. Heck, even if you do bring it to the saloon – it’ll hold up to some rough handling, it is made from full-grain leather and solid brass rivets after all.

I cut, brand, stamp, dye, oil and wax and assemble each wallet by hand in my workshop here in the U.S. providing the highest degree of quality you can imagine – that’s Cowboy Quality. As an added bonus, I include a free tin of my own all-natural Spiff N’ Shine, a handmade leather conditioner meant to keep your high quality leather wallet in high quality shape."

Special Features:

♦ When you need to carry less, and feel good that you did

♦ Handles a small wad of cash and 3 cards or 4 if you insist

♦ Built in snap keeps everything secure

♦ Slim enough that it wont bulge in your pocket

♦ Use it when you expect to be out in familiar places

♦ Free tin of my own handmade natural leather conditioner included

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