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Koloa Wood Handboard Wiliwili B

$175.00 $300.00

Size: 14″ x 7.25″
Skill Level: Beginning to Advanced

Manukai (wood) Handboards are crafted at Mahi’ai Creative Studio on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island of Hawai’i. Keith gathers and drys the wood for over two years, before milling and, glassing for maximum durability and flotation. Sally sews the straps from old wetsuits. There may be slight flaws or variations in our boards due to nature of using upcycled & foraged materials, however each board is crafted carefully. If you treat your board well, it will last you for years to come.

About: The larger size of the Koloa means it’s faster, with more surface area, so you can actually catch waves on days where the surf seem non-existent. While it works great in mushy shorebreak – it also performs well in bigger barreling waves. It just takes a little more work to get it out back in the big stuff. This handboard can make the worst waves and closeout barrels rideable and fun. You will leave the beach STOKED. This board pictured also has a white fabric inlay, which is one of our additional options.

We named this model after a koloa that we surfed with at our homebreak on the Big Island. It was a big, windy swell, and this crazy duck came out and cruised in the lineup for a good hour, duck diving, fishing, and enjoying the storm more than anyone else out there. Koloa Maoli, Hawaii’s native duck, has been a part of the ecosystem of the Hawaiian Islands for tens of thousands of years. It is unique to these remote islands – found nowhere else on Earth. Like many native species it is threatened with extinction from the combined forces of habitat loss, introduced predators, historic overhunting, etc (the list goes on), but is unusual in that it faces an additional threat – that of hybridization (or cross-breeding).

Keith Tallett is a second-generation shaper who learned the skill of crafting surfboards from his dad. He makes contemporary fiberglass surfboards and handboards, as well as traditional and experimental wooden boards out of scrap plywood and foraged & fallen hawaiian wood (wiliwili, mango, agave, koa).

Keith shapes, paints and glasses the boards at his workshop & studio on the Big Island of Hawaii, and his wife Sally takes care of photography & marketing, sewing straps & boardbags, and customer service.

As a company and as a family, they are committed to the preservation of cultural roots, to caring for our environment, and to expressing gratitude and aloha. They strive to reflect this commitment in all that is produced through their studio, and in the relationships nurtured as a company (advocates and community partners). Through otheir new line of Manukai Handboards, they have found a way to contribute to a more sustainable surf industry.

Manukai is located at Keolamauloa Farm, on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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