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Humu Honolulu - Faded Sky
Humu Honolulu - Faded Sky
Humu Honolulu - Faded Sky
Humu Honolulu - Faded Sky

Humu Honolulu - Faded Sky

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Some fresh hues in the much loved Humu Honolulu. This is a happy shirt, celebrating a time that still feels close enough to imagine.  Just follow the friendly Humu on a tour of old Honolulu.

A faded light blue backdrop sets off mellow tones of brick, ivory, green, gold and dark teal.

    • 100% cotton
    • Real coconut buttons
    • Perfectly matched up chest pocket.
    • Cut and sewn in Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Machine wash cold and hang to dry. Or, dry clean it.
    • Rolled sleeve is optional and can be unrolled for more traditional styling.

Our cut is MODERN and therefore is more tailored than a standard aloha shirt. Those of our customers who wear traditional aloha shirts and/or who like a loose, relaxed fit will go up one to two sizes in our brand.  Those of our customers who are used to wearing modern/slim cut shirt brands and like their shirts to fit sharp, order true to size.