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Fan Palm Saturn Ladies

Fan Palm Saturn Ladies

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A base color mirroring Saturn's true blue hue is printed in a color palette inspired by the "false" colors of Saturn, as recorded by the Hubble telescope in 1988. This photo shows Saturn in electric hues created by reflected infrared light.

This is the final release in our summer collection so snag some galactic vibes in electric coral, acid lime, rust and Saturn blue.

This is a three screen hand printed design, which makes it extra special!

    • 100% cotton (our lighter weight, tight weave base cloth from Japan)
    • Perfectly matched up chest pocket.
    • Original print by Roberta Oaks.
    • Hand printed, cut and sewn in Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Machine wash cold and hang to dry. Or, dry clean it. This shirt is printed the traditional way, by hand!  Iron from the inside only.

Image of Saturn from

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