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Kakau Red/Silver Slim


 Kakau is the ancient Hawaiian art of hand-tapped tattooing.  

Passed down by kupuna (elders) to younger generations, kakau
involved the tattooist choosing the design of the uhi (tattoo) 
and not the client.  The tattooist will consider the recipient's
genealogy, motivation, and desires.  As kakau typically mimics
natural forms, images and patterns mimicking nature were common.  
Flexible "combs" made from bone are attached to the rib of a
palm leaf and tapped into the skin after being dipped in a
pigment. These designs are inspired by ancient kakau.


  • Product Details

    • 100% woven polyester
    • Designed in Hawaii
    • Includes palaka tipping and keeper
    • 2 1/4" x 59"
    • Grey and red


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