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Chilled out Long Sleeve Grey

$60.00 $115.00

My new take on the collection that everyone went mad for!  My Japanese florals are back with some snappy updates!

Still the same RO fit that you have come to live in and love, but this time with a tight lil' modern collar, some pockets on the front, and yes, SNAPS!  I busted out my foot press and proudly stomped each and every one of those snaps on.  I am quite proud of these snazzy new RO's :-)  And yes ladies, your fellas might be nice and let you wear this too, because you are gonna want to!  If not, at least you can easily rip it off of him....

Ok, ok, I'll get serious again:  Made in Hawaii of fabric from Japan.  100% Cotton.  Machine wash gentle, cold.  If you are gonna dry it, be prepared for this one to shrink up a little as it is 100% cotton.  Otherwise, Hang it on the line or on a hanger and let the sun and the fresh air do the work.

Only size XXL left.

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