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Barley Flask - 6 oz.


Happiness is a warm gunmetal grey flask from Wentworth of England. The cross hatched lines engraved on the front and back of this bad boy resemble the grip on a .44 Magnum, and will leave you asking 6 shots or 4? There's really only one question worth asking, "Do I feel lucky, tonight?" Well, do ya, punk?    

  • Handcrafted Lead-free Pewter
  • 6 oz. captive top hip flask comes with 2 nips and funnel
  • flat plate on front perfect for engraving initials or personal touches.


The Wentworth company was founded in 1949 by Arthur Richard Wentworth, a skilled pewter craftsman. He initially made his own pieces at home and sold them out of a suitcase. The popularity of his quality products grew rapidly and a company was born. The Wentworth name, and his memory, live on in these beautifully and skillfully crafted modern designs. 

Pewter nip cups and funnel sold separately.

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