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YLANG YLANG Pure Essential Oil

YLANG YLANG Pure Essential Oil


Ylang-ylang means “flower of flowers” and it’s the flowers that grow on the Cananga odorata tree that are steam distilled to create ylang-ylang essential oil. This essential oil can be used as healing remedy for many different reasons, thanks to its natural sedative, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, and antidepressant properties. Ylang-ylang essential oil can relax the body and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety and increase libido. Its anti-inflammatory properties assist in supporting the circulatory system and controlling blood pressure. When used for skincare, ylang-ylang can rejuvenate and smooth the skin, restoring youth.

• Sweet, fruity-floral scent.
• Eases depression and anxiety.
• Aphrodisiac properties.

100% ylang-ylang essential oil

Size: 10ml


How to use:

Essential oils have the natural ability to heal, soothe, and stimulate. With antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties, essential oils have a wide variety of uses.

Sniff essential oils right from the bottle for an instant pick-me-up, to relive anxiety, or to induce relaxation. Add to carrier oil, such as jojoba, and use in a soothing massage. Place a few drops in diffuser to eliminate household odors. Add to cleaning products for more antibacterial and antimicrobial power. During cold and flu season, diffuse daily to stimulate immunity. Mix with carrier oil and apply to the skin to heal wounds. Add a drop or two to your face serum and apply daily to and protect skin against the signs of aging.

Before applying to skin, do a patch test.

How to patch test - Wash, clean, and dry the area on your upper arm near the crook of your elbow. Apply small amount of essential oil and cover with a bandage. Leave the bandage on for 24 hours, then remove and check for irritation. If skin looks clear and there is no reaction after the allotted test time, the oil is presumably safe to use. If you feel irritation at any time duringthe test, remove bandage and wash area with soap and water.

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