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Ourlieu (our-lee-oo) derives it's name from the marriage of the English 'Our' and French 'lieu' meaning 'Place or Space'. Australian owned, Ourlieu begun in 2010 with the aim of creating beautiful, stylish homewares for any place or space.
Ourlieu believes in the importance of the beauty in place, from the lovely abodes created around ourselves, to the wide open places of the world in which we live. Part of the Ourlieu approach to design is about minimizing the materials used and obtaining materials only environmentally responsible sources.
Ourliew uses 100% organic cotton and recycled paper to create products and using inserts that are made from recycled plastic bottles.  Alos, all tags and other printed items made through a sustainability-conscious printer, using all recycled stock, soy based inks, and other initiatives.