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Mad Men RO Style


I am sure a lot of you were excited for the new season premiere of Mad Men.  And what was even better?  Hawaii was featured (the pink palace to be more precise) as Don and Megan's vacation destination. 


So I thought I'd do a Mad Men fashion done RO way.  Come on, who doesn’t love that 70’s glam? (And the hair!!)  Anyways, I picked out a couple of outfits, which I wish Don and Megan, had worn for their Hawaiian Vacation!



Don in RO Japanese floral and Megan in our seersucker dress...  Boy, would they have rocked these! 

I’ll leave my fantasy styling session here, but one last thing!  Did you know throughout the month of April, celebrating the Mad Men premier, you can enjoy classic cocktails at the Mai Tai Bar in the Royal Hawaiian for only $3!?  The lineups are Blue Hawaii, Old Fashioned, Pina Colada and French 75.  So let head on down to the bar, shall we?



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