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Just In! Utility Canvas

backpacks colorful made in USA roberta oaks totes Utility Canvas

Got some new goodies in store for both boys and girls!!

Utility Canvas's  totes and backpacks. Their simple design really brings out the beautiful colors and it's going to be soooo difficult choose one...  All made here in the US of A!


For the "I need to carry around everything with me" people.  This is your dream bag.  It's 15Hx18Wx8D so it'll fit basically any imaginable thing, even though you might not actually need it. (but then again you never know!)  Laptops, school books?  Bring it on!!


This baby is a wonderful everday bag. It's 13x11x16 and has long handles so you can wear it over your shoulders.  And both totes have inside side pockets as well :)



And last but not the least, the backpacks!  These are street wear backpacks people!  Don't worry, you won't look like you are about to go on a hike or backpack Europe.  It's gonna make you look super hip and rad!!

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