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RO Potions

body spray fragrance hawaii made in hawaii original roberta oaks


A belated introduction of our body sprays!!  They are all my orginal blends (so no way finding the same scent anywhere else!), made of natural essential oil and of course made right here in Paradise!!  We've got four masculine scents and eight more floral ones.

For those who enjoy an earthy scent I STRONGLY recommend the Vetiver, good for the ladies as well!  Which by the way is our one of our top seller.  If you like citrus scents there is Joyful, scents of great stuff like greapefruit and bergamot, it will sure lift your spirits up!  Or the Goddess for a simple feminine scent of roses!

OK, I think I've said enough...  Stop by for a sniff or we take orders online as well!


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