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New in the men's section - Kauai Cigars!

There's something both sexy and mysterious about cigars and cigar culture. Not only are there so many different varieties and classes of them, but it kind of seems like something to bond over, trade fish stories over, make deals over, or just to puff on while kicking back to enjoy a good sunset with your mates.

Cigars are a "connoisseur" type of product.  Like a fine bourbon, or a bangin' cup of joe... Quality and craftsmanship do make a difference.

I am SO excited to add Kauai Cigars to the mix here at RO!  The company growing Kauai Cigars actually started as a coffee farm and has a long history of growing fine, rich, organic coffee. Their cigars already have a reputation of meeting the same standard of quality.

So whether you need an afternoon smoke, a gift for your best man, your brother, your boss, your boyfriend, whoever, whatever the occasion, a cigar can seal the deal!

The cigars start at a very reasonable $14.50!  We've got the lights and darks, singles and box sets, and we even sell the baby sampler tins!

The humidor reads 70%!

Happy Tuesday!  -Ro.


Les Drent, grower and founder of Kauai Cigar Co.

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